Everything that Los Angeles based duo Toyko release is completely and utterly mesmerising. Each track is treated like a treasured gem with a beautiful atmospheric soundscape and vocal conviction that is unlike any other that helps this duo stand out amongst the rest of the crowd. Honestly I could lavish this promising duo with praise all day long.

Today they’ve released Stay, the final track off of their upcoming EP Satellite. It is another emotionally enthralling track that’s about putting your all into a relationship but soon you realise that it’s just not worth it and you don’t want to stay with them. The production is truly spectacular with it starting with a tender piano melody and soothing synths creating a somber atmosphere before building to a climatic finish with a powerful emotional vocal display and a glittering array of synths. A phenomenal end to a track that pulls at your heartstrings and continues to expand upon their already unique sound.

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