Philadelphia based musician Hazey Eyes has hit that sweet spot when it comes to fusing the classic electronic sound with elements of the indie genre. It’s like he is conducting an orchestra of electronic instruments and every time they hit the right note to create a sonic soundscape the leaves you with a warm feeling inside. Every track he releases leaves you mesmerised and feeling like you’ve experienced something other worldly.

Recently he teamed up with Brooklyn based musician Yoke Lore for his new heartfelt track Scars along with a music video for it. The production is superb with a rich electronic palette, dramatic synths and an entrancing atmosphere mixed with the evocative vocals of Yoke Lore who takes the emotive nature of the track to another level. Then we have the music video that focuses on the idea of a relationship where one person is feeding off of the other, quite literally, and the whole piece takes a dark turn that leaves you captivated by the whole experience.

“We all probably have our own definitions of healing, but I do think it’s possible to accept any scars someone could have and use it as a mechanism to grow. I feel like most people have some type of scar so spinning experiences in a positive way would probably be the best way to deal with that.” – Hazey Eyes

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