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With a hushed vocal Aisha Badru takes you on a journey with the music video for “Splintered”

Aisha Badru - Press Photo 1 (credit_ Zev Schmitz) (Large)

Earlier this year Aisha Badru released her calming and emotive debut album Pendulum. The best way I can describe her music is that it’s the type of music I imagine guiding me through a magical forest down to a babbling brook with water flowing over its banks with the sun softly setting making you feel completely at ease.

Today she’s released a new single from the album called Splintered that is now accompanied by a music video. The track is about people needing to take control over their lives with and how we need to take control of our actions and not find someone else to blame in the process. Badru’s hushed vocals take you on a journey through her tender and emotional world that leaves you with the desire to hear more.

“We often find someone else to blame. We are afraid to take responsibility, reclaim our power, and heal ourselves. Splintered encourages people to face the dark spots within us in order to find the light.” – Aisha Badru

Connect with Aisha Badru: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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