Brighton based indie pop band Fickle Friends have officially left their former record label Polydor Records and have launched their own Palmeira Music. The band have decided to go it alone so that they have complete control over their music and not have record execs give their opinion of everything they produce.

The band have today released Broken Sleep, a first look at theirs EP of the same name that will be released this Autumn from their label. The track itself was inspired by the boiling hot summer that we had in England recently. You wake up in the middle of the night in a warm sweat from a wonderful dream and you can’t got back to sleep and rejoin that wonderful dream you were in. Then when you finally go to sleep it’s not there anymore. The track is filled with 80’s inspired synths that fill you with a sense of nostalgia, infectious fluorescent beats that will get you in the mood to dance in no time, a bouncy energy that will lift you up whilst putting a smile on your face and a warm nature that makes this perfect for summer, even though summer is now over.

There’s often a debate about what is better for an artist, being at a big label or doing it yourself and going fully independent. You only really know when you experience one or the other but Fickle Friends have proven that they’re better off going at it alone.

“We want to do it ourselves and have complete control. I think all of us will be happier.” Natassja Shiner, frontwoman of Fickle Friends.

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