GeeJay are one of the most unique artists I’ve heard in a long time, managing to fuse multiple genres together to create a sound that is unique to any other band out there. You’ve got jazz, soul, swing, R&B, hip-hop, all of these genres making appearances in their music that makes their music so incredibly exciting as you never truly know what you’re going to get from the pair.

Today they’ve dropped a new single called Flowers that takes a sample of the Sweet Female Attitude song of the same name. The track has an old school jazz vibe that wouldn’t be too out of place in a party thrown by Jay Gatsby combined with soulful vocals that gives me flashbacks to Amy Winehouse that create a smooth luxurious vibe. Then we have my favourite moment, the little piano melody at the end of the track that transports me back the 1920’s in the middle of speakeasy calmly sipping my drink whilst being entranced by the performers.

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