Rina Sawayama has such artistry in every single one of her videos that it is a visual treat, proving she is one of the most innovative artists in the world of pop. They all have their own individual aesthetic that leaves you begging for more and makes me go straight back to her mini album RINA to listen to more of her mighty pop anthems like Ordinary Superstar and Alterlife.

Today she’s released the music video for her 90’s R&B and 80’s synth inspired single Cherry, a track about celebrating Pansexuality and pushing for more representation within the modern media. The video, directed by Isaac Lock, follows a similar line of celebrating being queer and this went through to the production with the entire cast being queer POC and everyone being on set being queer as well. An all queer production celebrating being queer, something that is simply beautiful.

The video is aesthetically gorgeous with mesmerising choreography and luscious style that enthrals you the moment the video starts. With flowers scattered around her Sawayama starts off as a small seed hiding herself from the world before she blooms into the world with feathers around her celebrating who she is and what she has become. An exquisite video from Rina Sawayama who is set to be the next big thing.

“With this song and creative I specifically casted several POC Queer dancers fully embracing their femininity as that’s something you don’t see. So the movement is based around the struggle of coming to terms with what society has told you is wrong, but in the end is a justified feeling.” – Joelle Fontain, choreographer of Cherry music video.

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