Singer songwriter MacKenzie Bourg released his first track in a year a few weeks ago that explored the growth of the artist’s new sound that actually came about when he had his guitar stolen. Playlove moves away from the acoustic slow jams that Bourg had been known for and moves into a more dynamic pop rock sound that shows his ability to create an ear worm of a chorus that you will find yourself singing under your breath whether you go. The track also demonstrates his maturity in his songwriting with the song being based on his own mental health.

Today he’s released the music video for Playlove which features Bourg on a treadmill in the desert with the lyrics displayed throughout the video on the left hand of the screen and the bottom too with a filter being placed over the video to give the whole video a retro feel. Bourg takes it slowly on the treadmill representing him not wanting to rush into something and preferring to take it slow so he doesn’t get hurt like he has in the past with friends leaving him and making sure he doesn’t end up pushing her away himself.

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