Two years ago after releasing her debut album Isn’t It Strange British songstress Lauren Aquilina announced her retirement from releasing music. It was completely unexpected and came as a huge shock to anyone who’d listened to her music, everyone thought that we would never hear Lauren’s voice again but thankfully today she has rejoined the music world with the release of a brand new track.

The track is based around a true story she experience where she went round to her ex boyfriend’s house and cried outside his door until he came out, which explains the cover art the track. It was her first heartbreak and sometimes heartbreak can make you go crazy, which explains the title the track.

Psycho is an evolution of Aquilina’s previous emotional pop anthem sound with this track having some serious bite to it showing off her unfiltered confident new sound that effortlessly melds with her matured vocal. The track has a stirring chorus that I can see people belting out in their room after a bad break up along with compelling lyrics like, “Walking tragedy dressed up like the girls you dream of,” that are some of the best Aquilina has ever written.

Sometimes in life we lose the passion for something we love doing and it hurts to say goodbye to it, but sometimes all you need is a small break to find that love again. Lauren Aquilina left us with a strong album and has returned with an even stronger track and I personally cannot wait to follow the new journey she is embarking on.

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