J $ENSEI, the Los Angeles-based indie pop-singer, says he’s starting a “bedroom-disco revolution”. Based on his new release, I completely agree. Colorful dance tracks are nothing new to him, but now it seems like he’s honing in on his talents and creating a style that’s unique to him. 

With vibrant synths and an energizing guitar, “RUSH” is the perfect song to play at summer kickbacks. The song tastes like the season: succulent fresh fruit that drips down your arm, grilled hamburgers that explode with flavor, and sweet ice pops that stain your tongue and cool you down. No matter where you’re listening, this track will make you feel the warmth of the sun. 

Catchy would be an understatement to describe this song. It’s addictive. I’ve been humming the melody so much since its release that it wouldn’t surprise me if I were singing it in my sleep. I can’t escape the tune, and honestly, I don’t want to. There’s a genuine ebullience about this track that makes me keep coming back to it. 

This track is fun, but like any other song, there’s more beneath the surface. “It’s about being truly present when you’re with someone,” J $ENSEI said. “The childlike feeling of being in love and infatuated so much that even when you’re with them, you’re thinking about them. That “rush” when you’re first beginning to like someone. I tend to get distracted easily so the hook came from being told sometimes I just space out.”

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