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It’s rare that a song can leave you so utterly captivated that you feel like you’ve be transported to a whole new world and once the track ends all you want to do is go back to that world but that is exactly what Chloe Foy’s latest single has done to me. The Manchester based singer songwriter has an actual for crafting music that is well beyond her years as she has demonstrated before with tracks like Henry and Asylum being prime examples of this.

Oh You Are Not Well builds on all of this further with poignant lyrics about mental health, love and surviving it all with her most powerful being, “What, you can’t decide / To love life or lose it.” Then you’ve got her celestial vocal that portrays the emotional lyrics perfectly along with a minimalistic production that transports you away to a new world with her vocal being your guide. There’s even a sense of theatricality to the track with the whole track feeling like it could feature at the end of Broadway hit.

With a textured soundscape and poetic lyric Oh You Are Not Well by Chloe Foy continues to document this songstress’s ability to craft beautifully written and incredibly meaningful pieces of music.


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