The majority of people often view Hollywood with rose tinted glasses. It’s the place filled with glitz and glamour where dreams come true, you go into an audition room and all of a sudden you’re this huge star the world has been waiting. However that is not the case because, like most places, Hollywood is filled with disappointment, lies and, as Ladysse writes about in her latest single, heartbreak.

Her first single of 2019, Heartbreak Hollywood, she paints a vivid picture of the candid lives of many in Hollywood, the dim lit bars, sleazy music venues and the struggles people experience, rather than our cliched view on the city. The track has this incredibly addictive production that is reminiscent of classic 80’s anthems and wouldn’t be too out of place in The Breakfast Club soundtrack with pulsating beats and an infectious melody that cannot be beat. Combine all that with her blunt yet honest lyrics and high flying vocal that truly brings the track to life and you’ve got a piece of lavish and intoxicating music that cannot be beat.

Ladysse’s Heartbreak Hollywood paints an honest picture of the faux lavish world people often envision themselves being apart of whilst also managing to be the soundtrack of future heartbreaks for all.


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