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I’ve always said that if you can captivate someone with just stripped back production and your voice then you’re doing something incredibly right and that is certainly the case with folk outfit PicaPica. From start to finish their latest single Sucker Punch just entranced me, it was so enchanting beautiful that I was left speechless and all I could do was hit the replay button over and over again.

The gentle plucking of an acoustic guitar opens the track before we’re greeted by the angelic harmonies of the two lead vocalists of the band that take you and guide you on a journey throughout the song. Poignant lyrics help build this emotional investment further with the poetic meaning behind them really pulling on the heartstrings. All of this comes together to create an intensely passionate array of emotions that lead to a truly cathartic experience that makes this track feel like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Sucker Punch is sheer perfection from Pica Pica with every note sending shivers down my spine and an ethereal atmosphere that transports you away to a whole new world.


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