James Beau Barclay – Don’t Wanna Know


Commitment to a relationship is something people often struggle with and it does become incredibly emotionally taxing on the person waiting for someone to commit. They’ll often wait, days, months and sometimes even years for that person knowing that they may actually never commit themselves and that’s what James Beau Barclay has written about in his latest track Don’t Wanna Know.

Venting his frustration about wanting an answer from his partner that is eloquently put through his lyrics that equally show his annoyance of the situation and the fact he still deeply cares for her despite the emotional turmoil he’s been going through. Barclay’s signature stripped back production really brings the track to life by showcasing his masterful guitar playing as well as creating an upbeat yet somehow melancholy atmosphere that reflects the meaning behind the track. Then you’ve got his vocals that just get better with every one of his releases, honestly there’s something so charming about his soulful vocal that it makes listening to him feel like a special experience.

With a homemade character mixed with a beautiful vocal and stellar production, James Beau Barclay really does come alive in Don’t Wanna Know. I highly recommend diving down the sublime rabbit hole that is his discography.



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