Last week Jon Bellion gifted us with Conversations With My Wife, the first track off his new album Glory Sound Prep that took our breath away. With an outstanding production  filled with dark undertones and deep bass beats it introduced us again to Bellion’s signature style of music that always leaves us in awe of his musicality. We thought that would be the only track we’d hear before the release of the next album, luckily though Bellion released another astonishing track this week.

The track is called JT and as per usual the production is simply magnificent with the array of synths layering up to produce an almost ethereal atmosphere along with the acoustic guitar being included in the second verse that creates this superb dynamic. Along with that we’ve got the usual Bellion inclusion of a choir that adds a bit of flavour to an already eclectic track along with Travis Mendes, who also co-wrote the track and has worked with Bellion before on his track Guillotine, providing the backing vocals. Bellion co-produced the track with the electronic duo Ojivolta, who’ve featured on Bellion’s past track Game Plan.

Lyrically the track focuses on Bellion looking back on his journey from relatively unknown artist who success and being recognised wherever he goes and how he can now celebrate, “Now my beats makes feasts for holidays in Greece, And I don’t mean John Travolta.” I personally think these are some of the most playful and genius lyrics that Bellion has ever written. With lyrics like, “Remember dreams seemed far away, Was pinching pennies like Lane and Hardaway,” linking to multiple pieces of inspiration such as The Beatles track Penny Lane about the hard working life of the everyday man and Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway who Bellion references as someone who has frequented Penny Lane to work hard and make his dreams come true. Honestly it’s a stellar track lyrically and the more you look into it the more references you find.

Overall this is probably the most Jon Bellion sounding track he has released, which freaking love about it. It has his usual hip hop sounding Pixar qualities, even the single artwork looks like it belongs in a Pixar film, the killer hook that you’ll sing under your breath for many days to come and a sense of wonder that makes listening to his a music a pure joy. I cannot wait for the release of Glory Sound Prep and I’m sure it will be just as stellar as all of his other albums.

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