Nitefire – Star of the Show

If you’re looking for a band that are consistently making future stadium anthems that thousands of people can sing in unison like they were at a Champions League Final match readying their charismatic chant, then Nitefire are a band you need to hop onto. The duo became locally famous thanks to their free house shows where they showed off their grandiose performance talents, turning a small free gig into something that could rival the likes of the Artic Monkey’s from the comfort of their own home. Their raucous sound combined with their over the top performance style that’s filled with unwavering amounts of charisma was a site to behold. Now they’ve got another track to add to their roster for these shows and it’s definitely a star worthy number.

Having an air of Oasis to it with the vocal performance and rousing lyrics mixed with a touch of early Blink182, Star of the Show is a dreamy track that was designed for soundtracking your adolescence. The storytelling lyrics are reminiscent of late night conversations with your closest friends, nothing to hide and just letting it all flow out of you like a cascading waterfall. The rousing guitars lift you up higher than the clouds as the chorus launches you into a frenzied cheer that will have you begging for more by the time we come to the epic conclusion. Nitefire, they’re certainly the star of the show.

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