Kid Apollo – let go of things i said


The Brixton based teenage trio Kid Apollo, comprised of singer and producer Jimmy HM and twin brothers (and producers) Felix and Theo Ratigan, popped onto our radar in late 2020 with their debut single Alleviate, immediately impressing us with their candid lyrical wit that was only complimented further through their minimalistic soundscape and tender vocal inflections. They provide a wistful catharsis that allows you to lose yourself within their sonic world that they’ve painstakingly crafted and, at the end of the day, that’s all they ever wanted. Sonically aligning with the likes of Omar Apollo and Roy Blair, their multifaceted sound of hushed alternative pop and lo-fi R&B mixed with some contemporary jazz is an utter treat for the ears. Now they’re taking their sound to the next level. Amplifying their visceral emotion with their unique energy, this magnetic trio give us a place of solace in the tenderhearted ballad let go of things i said.

Intimate and charming, the lullaby themed guitar melodies and gentle piano keys form magical atmosphere that makes you feel at ease with the world, akin to walking home late at night in winter with only the sound of your feet imprinting in the snow and the moon lighting your way. Thematically dealing with the break down of a relationship where two people rely on each other too much and refuse to admit it, their lyrics create a portrait that encompasses each individual emotion and transforms it into a work of art. This is an ethereal lullaby that slowly soothes your broken heart in the most magical way possible. Kid Apollo are destined for great things, they’re ready to set Brixton alight and soon the whole of the UK.

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