Kyns – Lost

A few days ago we shared Kyns utterly gorgeous debut single Lost that left us completely speechless by the talent she had on display. In this track she unleashed such powerful emotion through her evocative lyrics that made every single word she passionately delivered hating you like the final blow of a prize winning fight. It was a spellbinding debut and we’re honoured to be premiering the video for that track today.

It perfectly captures the beauty of the original track whilst also being a fitting tribute to her Grandmother who’s passing and the grief she felt in the aftermath inspiring the track itself. It’s celebrating the life of someone she loved whilst also acknowledging the pain of them no longer being their and the confusion that follows in a poignant and beautifully way. Genuinely it’s just beautiful.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Kyns and discussing her latest release and what is next for this stellar artist.

You’ve just released your debut track and now your first music video out into the world, how does all that feel for you right now?

Amongst the swarming glob of feels I have about all of it, I’d have to say that my most prominent emotion is relief. I feel like I shouldn’t have been so afraid to release music all these years! I’ve been writing and singing since middle school so I suppose my greatest obstacle has been overcoming my fear of being vulnerable. I’m relieved I’m no longer standing in my own way and I’m proud to be at my humble beginnings and looking forward to whatever’s next.

The track comes from a personal place for you, is there anything you’d like people to know more about the story behind the song?

The song was written during lockdown following the last days I spent caring for my grandma Nanny. Growing up, my mom was a single-parent-badass working long days, so my grandma lived with us from birth through high school. She was always there, and I’m lucky to have had such a close friendship with her as an adult as well. When she passed in April, I felt truly lost. That’s when I started writing this.

Is there anything you want people to take away from the song?

Well the song and video are both structured to mimic my experience after losing such a close loved one. I am a big lucid dreamer so for months after her passing, I would dream that we were having lunch, laughing, normal things that felt so real that when I would wake up in the morning, it felt like I was losing her all over again. It was really hard to be thrust back into a reality without her after spending the whole night believing I still had her with me.

I left the lyrics fairly vague to leave up to the interpretation of the listener — we all have experienced loss of some kind whether a break up or a family pet, etc. I knew that this song would resonate with the most people if left to them to fill in the blanks and to identify the wounds that may still be healing in their lives. As for the video, I felt that was where I could be specific with my experience and piece together a tribute for my Nanny.

Is there any artist who you look up to who helped you find your sound?

Bon Iver, hands down. The whole evolution of Justin Vernon’s sound has been a journey I’ve followed closely and with much admiration. There is honesty and raw emotion in every corner, hiding behind lyrics where I often feel what is being said before I even hear what is being said. Because honestly, what is he saying sometimes? In that moment, it doesn’t matter. Because you know exactly what he’s saying. Then you search the lyrics later to draw conclusions haha.

What’s next for Kyns?

To play music as often as I can, for the rest of my life. I have been governed by my anxiety for far too long. I’m planning to release a handful more songs over the next few months, maybe even a full album in 2021. That’s the goal.

With the help of Mix Engineer (and girlfriend) Kat Aquino, Mastering Engineer Piper Payne, and the video’s co-director Ash Danielsen, I was able to make ‘Lost’ happen all while strictly adhering to social distancing guidelines. If I can release my first fully self-produced single during a pandemic and in the most grief stricken time of my life, then I’m ready to take on whatever my next challenge may be.

Make art and stay 6 ft apart!


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