Laura David – Waste My Time


There’s something so utterly enchanting about Laura David’s sound. Her celestial vocal can effortlessly make the horrors of the world melt away from your mind, body and soul for a few sweet minutes where you’re sent into a tranquil state that makes the world seems a bit better. She offers a carthatic experience in her music unlike anyone else around right now and with her only having two songs in her discography it’s easy to see why people have sought out her sound as a place of comfort.

Her latest release Waste My Time feels like a modern day love story in this now COVID orientated world with David’s explaining, “I just got into a new relationship but since I wasn’t allowed to see my girlfriend, all I could do was think about the time we would spend together when it was all over.” I mean that story has Oscar award winning movie all over it and with this track as the leading track I’m fairly certain it would dominate Cannes as well.

Bad jokes aside this piece is a portrayal of love in the lockdown world that is ridiculously sweet and delightfully endearing. Whilst listening to her croon these lovelorn lyrics I can’t help but smile and think back to my own loving experiences that brought me such joy. Just dive into the soundscape and experience this mesmerising piece for yourself.

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