The best music out there is always pushing boundaries and innovating, creating something that people will have never heard or experience before and in the modern era we’ve slowly been losing artists who can do that, a lot opting for a more cookie cutter approach. It’s exactly why artists like Crywolf should be praised and applauded for crafting this cacophony of a soundscape.

Featuring a frantic production, in DRIP you never truly know where the track is going, one minute you’re listening to something very Avant Garde and the next minute you’re listening to a dark pop track. It’s this that makes this a thrilling listen with atmospheric beats ladened throughout mixed with emotionally enthralling lyrics and ominous melodies all coming together to create a hauntingly beautiful, that feels like you can hear his my tearing apart, which makes sense considering the meaning of the track.

This is an honest portrayal of what he sees within his mind, the good, the bad and everything in-between. Speaking about this Crywolf says, “DRIP is the my process of staring into my brain and being brutally honest about some of the really difficult aspects of what I see there. It might not be, but it’s uncomfortably real.”

DRIP is only a taste of what’s to come because Crywolf will be releasing his EP widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I] on March 22nd and if this track is an indicator then we know we’re in for a dynamic and thrilling EP.

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