If you’re a fan of puzzles and have been waiting for someone to write a song about how much they love them then look no further than Noé’s latest single Puzzles. The track is the follow up to her first single Pity Party and as expected it is an indie pop bop featuring honest lyrics about how she loves the chase when it comes to a relationship.

There’s something captivating about the buoyant production of the track with the funky guitar riffs and happy go lucky synths creating a playful nature that works well with the meaning of the track and allows her vocal bounces off of that vibe effortlessly. It’s rare you see an artist be so self-deprecating within their music, it kind of invites the audience in and allows them to see that she’s just like them, flaws and all. It allows the track to have an authentic nature that it wouldn’t have without the honest portrayal of her love life.

Speaking about the track Noé says, “Romantically I’m very picky but in an unfortunate and worst kind of way. I have a type: players. If someone is interested in me, chances are I’m not. I like the attention, but I crave it the most from those who won’t give it to me. Puzzles is me putting the blame on the nice guy for being too nice. Cause obviously I’m not the one with issues. I wrote it when someone actually honest/respectful/interested in me AND emotionally available (aka a unicorn) caught my attention, but not quite. The lyrics are a series of bad advice for him to win me over like ‘say you’d love to see me, baby, then bring another lady to my party’. I like to think a lot of people can relate to”

Honest, relatable and fun track to boot, it’s hard not to fall in love with Puzzles by Noé, although you might have to play hard to get first.

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