There are moments where you listen to a song for the first time and you know within the first two to three seconds that the track is going to be something special. I definitely felt that when I was listening to Claud’s latest track that has this wonderful charm to it that makes listening to it a pure joy.

Easy has this warm ethereal glow surrounding it with a summer tinged production featuring a low bassline, shimmering synths and the emotive vocal of Claud being delicately placed over the top. Then you have the bittersweet lyrics that will tug at your heartstrings, especially the hook of the track, “Don’t let me down easy.” What I love about this track though is that it fits into both areas of love songs, you can see someone listening to this as they cry over their recent heartbreak but on the flip side you can see someone listening to this as they think about the love of their life. It’s something that is difficult to do but Claud makes it seem like child’s play.

Cry tears of joy or happiness as you listen to Easy that shows us all how much of a talented songwriter Claud truly is.

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