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I can still remember when I first heard LYRA’s debut Rabbit In The Headlights all the way back in 2016. It was pure beauty in ever sense of the word, you could feel the passion in her vocal and the spellbinding nature it had attached to it. Ever since 2016 though she’s been quiet… that is until she dropped her latest track Falling.

There’s a special aura surrounding the track that draws you in from the first note that is played and makes listening to this track feel like a life changing experience. There’s a dramatic flair to the track that is reminiscent of Florence Welch, big compliment there, along with a passionate vocal that soars high throughout before reaching sheer perfection in the bridge where you’re hit with a wave of emotion and chills go down your spine. The theatricality continues with the production with ominous drum beats and a string section creating a grand atmosphere around her vocals.

Speaking about the meaning of the track LYRA says, “Falling is about something I think most of us girls have experienced in life. You know these guys who want to have their cake and eat it? It’s about one of them! Falling for a guy, who it seems to be going swimmingly with only to find out he’s been seeing other girls on the side… I was quite naive and thought I could win him over and that once I’d done that – we’d be onto something great together. How fecking wrong was I?!”

We’ve waited a while for LYRA to make her gran return and we haven’t been disappointed, Falling is a masterful track that announces to the world that Cork has delivered a new artist that is one in a million.

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