Being a classically trained pianist, getting the attention of Carly Simon and winning 8 state piano and songwriting competitions, I guess you could say it was written in the stars that Karli Webster would become a musician. She’s one of the young singer songwriters of today that makes you amazed at how good she is whilst also feeling incredibly inadequate… best of both worlds there I guess!

There’s an unmistakable charm to her music and this become evidently clear in What’s A Gal To Do with Webster’s endearing vocal leading the track with honest lyrics giving an underlying theme of empowerment to the track. The production fuses country/folk and electro pop together, sounds crazy but honestly it’s amazing, to create something distinct and unique with the alluring rustic nature of the acoustic guitar melody fusing with dynamically produced synths that take you by surprise and get you excited about what’s to come next. It’s thrilling, unique and a curve ball if ever I’ve seen one.

Later this month Karli Webster will be releasing her 5 song debut EP Bittersweet, it will feature What’s A Gal To Do, that follows her own experiences with love, anxiety and femininity and how they shaped her into the woman she is today. Be sure to check out the EP on the 22nd of February.

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