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We often get songs released that are incredibly sad but also an absolute bop at the same time and until now we’ve never had a word to describe them. Then in comes Brisbane based singer Phoebe Sinclair who is the self proclaimed queen of Sangers (sad bangers) and if you needed any proof that this title was well deserved then just listen to her latest track Unfair.

It’s a rollercoaster ride from start to finish with highs like the electric chorus and crashing lows that come through her impassioned vocal that delivers the poignant lyrics of the track with ease. You’ve also got a beefy production that backs up her vocal capability with intoxicating synths and ludicrously contagious beats creating an ominous atmosphere in the verses but a thrilling one in the chorus. Yep she is definitely the queen of sangers.

If you’re looking for a song to cry over after a bad break up then Unfair by Phoebe Sinclair is the perfect track for you. Grab your ice cream and tissues and play this all night long.

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