Portraits Of Tracy – Aeternum

If you’ve ever wondered what a collaboration between Tame Impala and Kanye West would sound like then it’s time for you to dive head first into Portraits of Tracy. The 18 year old self-taught producer and multi-instrumentalist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana is one of the best undiscovered gems I’ve ever had land in my inbox. Powerful lyrics with poignant emotion pouring out of them like Niagara Falls, a breathtaking flow that’s utterly hypnotic with his delivery packing punch that will knock you straight down onto the canvas and a production masterclass production that ties it all together, this is an icon in the making. No doubt in my mind, especially after diving head first into his discography and experiencing his wide breadth of musical talents.

I could discuss that back catalogue all day long but Aeternum is the one that needs attention. The track is a continuation of his previous project The Misadvice of Junie where he plays the titular character, yes he’s even got his own lore and backstory within his already compelling soundscape. Junie has now made it, he’s standing in front of stadiums filled with thousands of people, but he’s still got his past haunting him and has to hype himself up to believe he deserves this accolade. He delves into a wide range of intimate topics ranging from how his family and friends now perceive him with his success, the life he lived before with the background others don’t fully understand and the colour of his skin. His passionate delivery brings these inner details to live, connecting you with a character you might not have even known before this track, but that’s where this artist thrives. He makes you feel something unlike any other.

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