Benny Bellson – Red Wine

Through his eccentric postmodern approach of blending genres like alt rock, grunge and brit pop together in swirling pool of euphonic glory, the California native Benny Bellson has created a soundscape unlike any other. Unorthodox in his approach, the creative distractions he witnesses within his day to day life find their way into his soundscape that gives his music the sense of being truly divergent. Consistently walking down differing paths from release to release that makes his music consistently refreshing whilst still feeling at one with his own sonic identity with his authentic narrative always being at the heart of the lyrical tale he weaves.

With his exuberantly charismatic mixing style, Red Wine will undoubtably soundtrack many people’s adolescence with the subtle hint of rebellion he offers on top of his avant-garde musical styling with a gravitational pull that you simply cannot resist. There’s something timeless about Bellson’s sound that makes his idiosyncratic tracks simple unskippable. He’s a distinct rising star in California’s scene and I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about him in the near future.

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