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I can still remember the day I first heard WILDES debut single Bare, I was taken a back and left virtually speechless by the pure beauty that I was listening too. Everything about the track was sheer perfection and left me feeling like I’d witnessed something simply magnificent. Now she’s returned once again with an emotionally enthralling track that I can only really describe as a masterpiece of sensational proportions.

Circles is really a grower with the track starting with a minimalistic backing before building and building to a  breathtaking climax that leaves me speechless with her vocal soaring over this stripped back production and hitting angelic heights whilst managing to make you feel every single word she is singing, almost as if she was an old friend confessing a difficult moment they experience in their life. Then you’ve got the lyrics which are sheer poetry, WILDES manages to hit every poignant point effortlessly with these lyrics diving in the subject of getting stuck in the familiarity of a toxic relationship. The emotional turmoil is felt through every word and the conflict inside is felt through that ethereal vocal. It’s just magical.

Circles is a song written about getting lost in the familiarity of a failing relationship,WILDES tells us in an email. “It’s far easier to go through the motions than to admit to yourself that you are unhappy, so you continue, avoiding confrontation and living on the boundaries of that relationship. Something that was once beautiful becomes ugly, warped and toxic.

Circles by WILDES has been well worth the wait with her undeniable passion for music being put on full display in a glorious return. With her first record set to be released sometime in this Autumn I can honestly say we’re in for something special there.


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