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If you’re a fan of enchanting vocals merged with a shoegaze sound mixed with some Americana for good measure, then you’re gonna love Sam Valdez and her latest single. The dreamy and atmospheric sound that Valdez has developed over the years feels like something that could’ve been on the radio during the 60’s/70’s with her music possessing a vintage sound to capture the old soul she has.

Turn has a wonderfully hazy production featuring the lush sounds of an electric guitar that feels like it could’ve come out of an old western movie mixed with a laidback percussion section that adds to the ethereal atmosphere the track possesses. Throughout the track Valdez narrates how she feels like she’s not being respected by others and decides that the best solution is to cut them out of her life which adds a bit of grit and rawness to the overall laidback nature of the track. However the highlight of the track has to be her sensational vocal, honestly every time I hear her sing I get shivers trickling down my spine has she hits these celestial high notes and emotionally enthrals you throughout.

Sam Valdez has this ability to consistently create stunning pieces of music that stay with you long after they’re finished and Turn is a prime example of this. Soon she’ll be embarking on a UK and EU tour and we know for sure that we will definitely be getting tickets for this!


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