In the digital age it’s rare we ever leave the house, or our bed for that matter, without an electronic device in our hand or pocket and London based singer Alessandro Ciminata has decided enough is enough in his latest single. He implores everyone to embrace the real world, put down their phones for a while and realise you don’t need to be kings to enjoy the life you have.

Kings is a beautifully written track with gorgeous lyrics about living for today and you shouldn’t have expectations for what your life should be, you should enjoy the moment with the chorus containing my favourite lyrics for this, “We don’t need to be kings / We could be anything we want / We could be free now / We could go anywhere we want now.” The broody nature of the track helps hammer home the message with the production making sure there’s no grand moment or epic climax, it’s subtle and low key but still manages to be beautiful and captivating, as is life. It’s grandeur is in it’s delivery.

Speaking about the track Ciminata had this to say, “In the era of social networks we sometimes forget what real life is like. Have you ever asked yourself how many unforgettable moments you could lose by looking at your phone/ We don’t need to use social networks to feel complete and pretend to be someone we are not. We are who we are and this is unique already.”

Kings manages to be effortlessly beautiful without the big show most artists use these days and Alessandro Ciminata has written this perfectly. Ethereal in it’s simplicity and grand with it’s message.



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