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I listen to new music every single day of the year and it’s rare that I am left speechless and in awe of an artists track, I honestly think this is a contender for song of the year, it’s just sheer brilliance. The Irish songwriter Jenn has managed to create a intoxicatingly good and exhilarating piece of music that has me enthralled from start to finish.

With Jenn being only 19 years old, her track Sober Up shows a lyrical maturity of someone that is well beyond her years with her managing to show her vulnerability and flaws whilst also empowering herself by taking ownership of them. There’s a melancholy nature to the song that is brought to the forefront with the pristine production featuring some ominous beats, reflective of Jenn’s love of dark pop, and flourishes of shimmering synths throughout the hauntingly melodic track. It even has a hook that you’ll be singing under your breath for many days to come, what more could you ask for?

This is an spectacular piece of music from an artist who looks like she could take on the world. I implore you to listen to Sober Up by Jenn. It’s one of the most thrilling pieces of music I’ve listened to in a long time.



  1. Long time fan here, was a fan of her since the single, “single”. I’m glad jenn is getting the recognistion she deserves, I’m just waiting till she blows up. Truly the next big thing to come up from Ireland I said it here first. Like Drake is to Canada, Jenn will be to Ireland.

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