When a songwriter has won awards like ASCAP Songwriters ‘Best Pop Song’ award, written top charting hits and written for artists such as Niall Horan, Jojo and Britney Spears, to name few, then you just know their music is gonna be something incredible. One listen to RuthAnne’s stunning Love Again and I’m in seventh heaven with a beautifully produced track that is the definition of spectacular.

Speaking about writing the track RuthAnne said to us in an email, “When writing the song I was thinking of all the things in life we do when we lose out, when we fail, when we get our hearts broken. I realised that no matter what happens I always believe in trying again and never giving up on love or my dreams and so I wrote the song thinking about that and how important it is to always keep your heart open and that the love is out there. Go where the love is.””

The track is incredibly vibrant with a luscious guitar melody kicking off the track before a gospel choir comes into the mix by backing RuthAnne’s raspy vocal that is reminiscent of Joss Stone, big compliment there. There also manages to be something so raw and honest about the track through these lyrics about how love is always out there, it’s just so wonderfully optimistic and uplifting without falling into the cheesy side. Then you’ve got the jubilant music video on top of that you’ve got a wonderful piece of musical art.

If you’re feeling down then RuthAnne’s music video for Love Again will certainly pick you up. Enjoy the optimistic side of the music world with her.


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