When electronic music is done right it can be a cacophony of beauty, the textured soundscape just sends shivers down your spine with each delicate synth and throbbing bassline being placed to sheer perfection and I feel that is definitely the case with BAYNK’s latest sonic masterpiece called Water.

The production is immaculate with clear synths being the main focus of the track with an underlying horn section being layered underneath that gives a simple glimpse into BAYNK’s stellar production capabilities. You even have a moment where we get some vocals come in that boost the track even further to the thrilling finale with a explosive bassline and climatic beats coming together to end the track on a high. Combine all that with a visualiser created by Tess Bijere (LANY, Jacob Banks) and you’ve got something that is beautiful to listen to and look at.

Water manages to encapsulate everything brilliant about electronic music in the modern era which BAYNK is certainly at the forefront of. He’ll be releasing his EP Someone May 15th and you can catch him at Coachella, Lollapalooza and Electric Forest later this year.


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