When she was younger Tally Spear always saw herself becoming a folk or Americana singer, until last year where something changed. She started writing new music with a brand new sound that saw a new vision of herself take fold and now she write alt pop filled with sass, whilst still having that bluesy folk influence reminiscent of Elle King.

Her latest single is our first introduction to her sound and boy does she make one hell of an impression. City Girl has a stellar production featuring hard hitting guitars and powerful drums all coming together around Spear’s new more raw and powerful vocal that is filled with sass and works perfectly with that production. Lyrically Spear manages to speak about how although she lives in one of the busiest cities in the world, London, she can still feel so detached from people and feel alone, although she does dress this up as a love song which I find even more intriguing. It adds just the right amount of flair and mystery that has me begging for more.

Artists often go on a journey to evolve their sound and Tally Spear has undergone one large one with City Girl signifying a new chapter in her musical story. From folk to alt pop, she’s an artist who you’re gonna want to keep an eye on.


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