One of the most exciting bands to come out of Ireland in recent times has been the intoxicatingly good whenyoung. They’re the perfect representation of Ireland’s thriving music scene with their expertly crafted indie pop songs managing to wiggle their way into any music lovers heart and they continue to do this with their latest infectious offering called Future.

The tempo of the track is a lot more mellow compared to their previous efforts but that is understandable considering the subject matter that this song approaches, with the music video explaining this perfectly. Along with that the production helps to capture the slightly more somber mood with brooding percussions, ominous harmonies and a contrasting guitar melody that I find myself humming along to after only a few listens and when you merge all that with the evocative vocals you have a really special track.

As well as releasing this track though they’ve also announced their debut album Reasons to Dream will be released May 24th. Speaking about the album the band said, “Reasons To Dream is a presentation of our collective experiences of life since we have moved to London. We’ve trundled through many jobs, flats, neighbourhoods and rehearsal rooms learning, practising, maturing and cultivating whatever it is we do along the way. We’ve gone from knowing nobody to making close friends, from finding it lonely to finding it welcoming.”

Reasons to Dream looks set to be one of the albums of the year with Future perfectly demonstrating how spellbinding whenyoung’s music is. They’re one of the most thrilling bands to listen to at the moment and I cannot wait for that album.


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