There are some artists who you can listen to over and over again and never get tired of hearing them and that’s exactly how I feel about Ruti. Every time I hear her vocal I get shivers down my spine, it is just so distinct with her beautifully celestial tone that it’s hard not to fall in love with the music she creates. Her debut single, a cover of Dreams, was practically made for her to shine on and her follow up track Racing Cars, off her EP of the same name, is simply sublime.

In this track Ruti manages to capture that whirlwind feeling of love with her honest lyrics showcasing no matter where the love ends you’re going to go ride it for all it’s worth, perfectly expressed through the lyric, “I’m gonna ride this wave / No matter where it breaks / Up, up and away like shooting stars.” The melodic nature of the production assists the storytelling further with it having an ethereal feeling to it with the merging of atmospheric synths and angelic piano melodies creating a beautiful contrast. Combine all of this with her emotionally enthralling vocal and you’ve got something special.

Racing Cars is a spine tingling affair with Ruti shining throughout the track with her heavenly vocal taking you away to a whole new world. If you’re into this I highly recommend her debut EP of the same name that has some stunning pieces of music on, all of which could be lead singles in themselves.


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