In two days time folk singer songwriter Tom Speight will be releasing his debut album Collide, it’s been a hotly anticipated album for me for a long time now and today he’s just dropped our last sneak preview of what’s to come. Yes today he’s released his final single from the album dubbed Into The Night and if this doesn’t make you go out and buy the album then I honestly don’t know what will.

With a stripped back production the track creates an instantly intimate feeling with Speight’s vocals taking you on a journey with the gentle strumming of his guitar being our soundtrack. What I love a lot about his music is that he doesn’t need a grand moment to get a cross the message of a song, he shows it through little nuances throughout the track, the whisper like vocals, the silent moments where you can almost hear the cry in his vocal, the emotional investment within his lyrics and, in this track, the little touch of a bird chirping at the end. All of this comes together to create a sterling piece of music that is charming as much as it is emotionally devastating.

If you like Into The Night then I implore you to dive into Tom Speight’s back catalogues ahead of his album release. He just has a folk down that makes you feel things like no other musician can.


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