Robin Knightz – you don’t want love

Ever since PinkPantheress blew up we’ve been seeing a lot of underground artists emerge with their own take on the Y2K meets DnB sound. There’s been some who’ve blatantly ripped the sound off in their own attempt to create hype around their music, leaving a feeling that’s less than desired. But then you’ve got artists like Robin Knightz who take this rapidly growing sound add add their own flair. Making their music stand out in a sea of copycats and bandwagon jumpers.

Past releases have been more in the pop landscape with a subtle funk undertone, the type of music you’d expect to be popped on at pre-drinks before the club. However, there’s always been an electronic flair, this little flurry of synths that added to her soundscape but had previously gone unnoticed. The time has finally come for those synths to enter the spotlight as the Y2K DnB era of Robin Knightz begins.

You don’t want love is a laidback track, comprising of a singular melody and looping synth pattern that form the foundation of this new sound. Her honey drizzled voice melts into the serene environment, but with little inflictions, adding her own personality to the mix, we see a soft edge begin to pierce through the track’s underbelly. The ear-worm of a hook burrows its way deep into your subconscious, and it won’t be long before you’re humming it everywhere you go.

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