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When you’ve got a vocal as emotionally stirring as New York indie pop artist Yoke Lore it’s hard not to sit up and take notice whenever you hear just a single note of his beautifully rich vocal. On top of that he consistently manages to write songs with honest and relatable meanings behind them with Safe and Sound being a stirring observation on the changing rolls relationships play in this new modern era.

The instrumentation of this track is beautifully detailed with there being a lot of build up in the emotional drama of the track but it’s the rawness that makes this track so special. You can hear the passion in his voice and his love of telling a brilliant story but what I love most is that the emotion wasn’t sacrificed for perfection. There are moments where he goes slightly off key but it’s kept in to keep that mesmerising passion, not a lot of artists to this because they want the clean and polish product but something like this is much more interesting and beautiful. As a result Yoke Lore has produced a song with an almighty punch that I consider to be one of the best tracks of 2019.

There is something that truly hits home in this track with poignant lyricism and a pure vocal that makes every piece of emotion feel like the knockout blow in a prize fight. This is something you’re going to want to dive into.


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