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That feeling of being in love is something musicians have attempted to capture countless times and more often than not they will miss the mark but then you have tracks like this that captivates with it’s emotional atmospherics. Jolé manages to craft a beautifully tender song in form of Picture Perfect that comes from a moment in time where he shares his appreciation for his lover.

“Picture Perfect is about appreciating what you have in a relationship,” he explains the meaning of the track to us via an email. “Itʼs a personal message to thank that person for what they do/have done for you. I wrote this as a type of apology, to let someone know they are acknowledged and needed.”

Jolé has one of those voices that makes you stop in your tracks with it’s mesmerising qualities such as the earthy tones, celestial high notes and a raw emotional honesty unlike any other. It’s a cliche but this really hit home for me with the gentle croons, alluring guitar plucking pattern and subtle introduction of orchestral instruments taking you to places in your mind that you’ve never been before and that’s what all good music should do. The beautiful melody and honest lyrics create a song that you’ll find yourself wandering back to every time.


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