With every single release Essie Holt continues to prove how talented she is as a songwriter. She is consistently producing pieces of atmospheric pop gold, whether it be the warmly welcoming and euphoric anthem that is Magnetise or the tear jerkingly beautiful Distant Places, Holt manages to put a piece of herself into every song she writes and her latest single Give Me The Night is a prime example of this.

This song just oozes pop majesty at it’s finest with pulsating electronic beats that are reminiscent of Robyn’s Dancing On My Own mixed with the occasional piano chord added into the mixed that create this beautifully understated dynamic that elevate her honest vocal. There’s a wonderful juxtaposition too that comes from the uplifting nature of Holt’s vocal contrasting the more brooding nature of the sonic production. After just a few listens Holt has managed to make a lasting impression on my music listening habits and will soon be soundtracking my car journeys in the morning.



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