When Hozier says that impressive is too weak of a word to describe your music then you know you’re doing something incredibly right and that is certainly the case with the Northern Irish musician Kitt Philippa. They have been on a role as of late when it comes to releasing emotionally captivating pieces of music that transport you to a place in your mind you’ve never been before.

Today they’ve released You which they describes as, “a combination of thoughts but its output is a love that is not obviously tangible; love can seem distant but still be present; it can almost be imaginary, or like a memory. It was from that context ‘You’ was written. Some of the lyrics circulate around the idea of space, alluding at times to a perceived ’emptiness’; but love flows between and through us and leaves its trail.”

The rich sonic soundscape that Philippa has produced manages to evoke a wide sense of emotions with the melancholy piano melody creating an intimate atmosphere and the longing synths adding a more dramatic sensibility, especially during the final third of the track where we’re treated to a euphony of beauty. Their vocal is spellbinding with them managing to capture a feeling that is hard to evoke with ease and poise that makes the lyrics hit even harder. As you listen to this track you just feel as if you’re floating with new elements being add every minute that allows the emotion to swell inside your body until you’re greeted with carthatic end.


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