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Erin Bloomer arrives with fierce confidence and swagger in “Lately”


If you’re invested in the UK’s illustrious music scene then you’ll know the name Erin Bloomer as she’s been one to watch ever since she released her debut track Right Love, Wrong Time all the way back in 2017 when she was only 15. Since then she’s been steadily releasing covers online, such as her infamous Post Malone cover of I Fall Apart, and today she’s released the follow up to her debut Lately.

One of Bloomer’s best qualities is her lyricisms as her songwriter creates a clear story in your mind that allows her music to take over you. The track is filled with confidence and swagger with her vocal being the main reason for this, adding a fiery edge amongst irresistible beats and booming synth production. Whilst it’s obvious Bloomer’s sound has evolved from her original output you can clearly see the parallels between the two sounds that have allowed her to grow into the promising artist she is today. It’s a sharp yet honest follow up that has allowed her to make more of a mark on this industry than ever before.


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