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“Magic Hour” is a sun kissed euphoric track by The Modern Strangers that will become the soundtrack of your summer

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 07.24.09.png

If you’re looking for an artist that’s going to fuel your summer nights of fun a mischief then The Modern Strangers are perfect for you. The indie pop five piece have steadily been releasing music with their signature sun-kissed disco infused pop sound for the past few years now and their euphoric sound is entering 2019 in style with their latest single Magic Hour.

Now the magic hour is known as the time of day just before sunset/sunrise where the light is soft and gives everything this magical glow and this single captures that feeling perfectly. With fun filled guitar melodies that are perfect for listening to whilst driving down the coast, a warm yet inviting vocal that draws you in for more and an infectiously crisp percussion section that lights up the night. This track can easily soundtrack anyones summer and if you need more of a reason to get addicted to this bands fresh sound then you should know scientific research has proven their music is fantastic, and you can’t argue with science.


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