Emotionally raw is probably the best way to describe what you’ll feel like after listening to any Elina track. She’s such a gifted songwriter who has such a magnetic presence and celestial vocal that it’s easy to get lost in her music and get transported to a whole new world in the process. Her latest single is not different with her keeping her authentically intimate sound and heart on sleeve lyrics that combined make you want to reach for the tissues in a matter of seconds.

Speaking about the track to A1234 via email Elina said, “Masquerade for me is an invitation to embrace everything that makes us human. All the self-doubt, the fear, the desires, the confusion that comes with letting someone in and loving them. I want it to be a voice of reason and a reminder to be kind to ourselves and to others, knowing that everyone is navigating through life with their own baggage.”

Masquerade doesn’t go over the top with a grand production or vocal gymnastics, it remains understated by telling honest story with a forlorn piano melody leading the production, poignant lyrics creating an image in your head and Elina’s tender vocal feeling like an emotional sucker punch. She manages to capture the spectrum of human emotion and puts it into her songwriting to craft music that feels as if it’s got a piece of her soul within it that makes her raw honesty seem more personal than ever.

She manages to do so much with so little and I’m just consistently floored by Elina’s music, she is something incredibly special and if you are too then check out her EP In Hindsight now. You don’t regret it.


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