Scotland has such a thriving music scene right now it’s no surprise really that bands are coming out left, right and centre with intoxicatingly good tracks and Walt Disco are no exception to this rule. The Glasgow based band have become infamous for their unpredictable and flamboyant live shows and after listening to Strange To Know Nothing I now desperately want to see these guys on stage.

“Strange To Know Nothing’is about the conflict many people have had when they feel stuck in a relationship,” the band told A1234 in an email. “The feeling that they should seek excitement from someone else. But there is still something about the love that you already have that makes you feel sexy, freaky and strange…”

The bands sound perfectly represents the 80’s with their music being a fusion of the flamboyant nature of Ziggy Stardust, the brooding post punk atmosphere of Simple Minds and the vocal flair of Adam & The Ants. This track just grabs you attention from the second it starts with hard hitting guitar melodies, ominous synths and intoxicating vocals that come together to create a glamour induced androgynous piece of music that allows this band to become one of the crowning jewels in the Scottish music scene.


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