Josh Fudge – Second Date

Whenever I listen to Josh Fudge’s music he always manages to transport me away from this world. All the modern day worries that I experience on a regular basis just melt away with his wistful sound filled with hazy melodies and calming vocals making me go into a state of pure bliss. You just have to listen to his previous release Strawberry Fanta to understand what I’m talking about as that took me away to a tropical paradise in about two seconds, still the one of the best summer tracks of 2020 to me.

He recently unveiled his follow up single Second Date, a happy go lucky sounding track with more poignantly placed lyrics discussing getting bored too quickly in a relationship and growing to miss how things used to be. The honeymoon period of a relationship is often is a glorious time and Fudge manages to capture that blissful joy as well as the more somber aftermath that follows after that time for a lot of couples. Combine that with the nostalgic undertones the track has and it’s another brilliant follow up from the young musician.

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