Jazz is a genre that has been somewhat forgotten in the modern music scene. Although it’s still alive and kicking it is rare you see a new artist come around that has that something special that makes you stop in your tracks when you hear them sing. Well Ella Haber stopped me in my tracks after listening to her jazz and soul fusion debut.

The track is expertly produced and feels like it’s come from another era, giving it a classic feel but the true star of the show in Old Friends is Haber’s vocal. That voice is just timeless in every way shape and form, with a lusciously beautiful tone and a certain level of sass that’s a wonderful bit of edge to the track. There is a certain charm to the track as well that comes from the personality that Harber injects into it along with the fresh lyrics and subtle nuances that come from the production, Jordan Rakei did a marvellous job in bringing out the best in Haber’s voice.

Old Friends is a sterling debut from the latest in, hopefully, a new generation of jazz singers that Ella Haber will lead into the new era.

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