Kid Brunswick – 4am

Born and raised in Ealing, West London Kid Brunswick has made a name for himself by crafting some of most raw and personal tracks coming out of London’s thriving music scene. His debut EP showed all of this to a tee with lyricisms focusing on the philosophy of accepting chaos as an act of resistance and finding comfort within the darkness and his track Prescription Kid looked in detail at his history of addiction and mental illness. When you listen to a song by this artist you see who he is, the good, the bad, the ugly, the hardships, it is all shown to us the listener and he continues that with his latest single today.

“I wrote this song a couple months after leaving rehab and getting sober for the first time,” Kid Brunswick begins to explain. “Cigarettes and sex were the only things keeping me from relapsing back into drug addiction.

4AM has some of his most candid lyrics to date as he invites us to explore the vibrant sonic landscape comprised of hopeful guitar chords, punchy beats and an impassioned vocal detailing his recovery. When going through the recovery process people find things to keep them going to avoid relapsing and that’s what Brunswick did, he found that small thing that brought him joy as he began to make small steps out of his addiction and on the road to being sober. It’s a stellar track that continues to cement this young artist as one of the best around in London’s music scene.

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