JUNGLE find that sweet spot between whimsical nostalgia that fills us with unbridled joy, compelling musical stories that have us on the edge of our seat and creating art that no one else in their space can rival. They’ve proven this with every single release, never failing to add their own special flair that makes their art so hypnotically brilliant. Whether it be listening to their albums that take you to a new realm filled with so many fantastical wonders to behold or their live performances that are filled to the brim with intoxicating energy that will leave you enthralled from start to finish. Their sonic landscape is art and they continue to prove that point today with this dual release.

GOOD TIMES is a feel good anthem that’s designed for summer. Flairs of gospel majesty litter the soundscape with an effervescent instrumental, reminiscent of early 70’s disco, to back up the jubilant nature of this single. This track is a celebration that’s will turn any drab day of depressing weather into one filled with copious amounts of sunshine that will have you smiling from ear to ear. Then the tempo shifts as we go into PROBLEMZ, switching the sunny mood to one that’s more akin to a smooth underground club. It’ll make you feel delirious with the euphoria it offers but still manages to maintain that communal spirit that comes with anything this sensational act release. Infuse all of this with their signature stunning visuals for their music video and you’ve got an everlasting treat that keeps on making you feel on top of the world.

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