IDK – Mr. Police

The 30 year old Maryland rapper IDK knows how to make an instant impact. Coming at you with the force speeding car, each lyric he delivers leaves you reeling from the power it packs. His musicality only enhances this by giving the gravitas of his words an equally booming backing. His discography is filled with this, ranging from beats the reverberate through your body, reminiscent of some old school Kanye, to laidback numbers where his words do all the talking. The latter is what we witness today.

From the offset you know what Mr. Police is about. The title should make it clear enough but the opening line swiftly comes in to clear it up for anyone who might be confused, “Mr. Police how are you? Just like clothes you make me blue.” The lighthearted tone of the jazzy production, being something you’d more hear playing in the background at a high end restaurant, juxtaposes the dark nature of the lyrics, hinting at fear and uncertainty. This bleeds into the music video which features reenactments of chillingly familiar interactions between police and people of colour. The horrifying scene combined with the laidback music creates a unique blend that’s impossible to ignore.

“We want to create awareness in order to prompt dialogue and potentially change the narrative around law enforcement misconduct. Not all police officers are bad. This is to shine a light on the ones that are.”

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